Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Studio 3C was the dream of my late partner, Jonathan W. Ross, Jr.  He was a skilled visual storyteller with a distinctive eye through which no small detail went unnoticed – whether in art, architecture, nature, or life – and that was a true gift I am grateful for having experienced. After Jon’s passing in 2021, Studio 3C was born to share his legacy and to support others by donating all profits to charitable causes near and dear to my heart, Jon’s heart, and others close to him.  

As anyone who knew Jon could tell you, he had a unique gift for connection and communication. All it took was one interaction with Jon and you’d feel the warmth and sincerity of his heart, as he was not afraid to be vulnerable and share his life stories. I believe this comes through in his photography. From a simple walk around the neighborhood, to time together on his sailboat on Cape Cod, and to travels to further away, there was always something new that captured us together, and he never stopped appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world, in remarkable ways that were often subtle yet deeply profound. 

With a guiding value of interconnectedness, Studio 3C is inspired by Jon and his photography, and aims to expand to showcase other artists and support, uplift, and inspire others along the way.  

Please join me on this journey and stay with us for updates. 

In love and peace,
Carrie Barron
Founder, Studio 3C